Monday, April 11, 2011

The Fruity, the Therapeutic, and the Potential to Frustrate Me Beyond Belief

The Fruity

Calling Willy Wonky! I find myself addicted to Gobstoppers these days. It all started two weekends ago, when I went to see Baby Girl in Sweeney Todd (the H.S. spring musical). As an aside, Sweeney Todd was very good—I’d never seen it before but had heard enough about it to prepare myself for the gore. Wasn’t prepared for the humor—it was a nice surprise. Anyhoo, I ended up buying a box of Gobstoppers from the concession stand, and I’ve been hooked since. I might need an intervention.

The Therapeutic

I definitely have to kill off a doctor in one of my future books. One in particular comes to mind, and getting my irritation out on paper might be better than having a hissy fit of monumental proportions. Which might look bad to all the other patients... Therapeutical homicide is definitely a perk to being a writer. Hey, we take what we can get when we don’t have 401Ks.

The Potential to Frustrate Me Beyond Belief

I believe (and this has nothing to do with the doc from above) that I might have CHS. Crazy Hair Syndrome. Don’t worry—I don’t think it’s contagious. All of a sudden, my hair has gone psycho on me, sticking up all over the place. A can of hair spray might hold the strands down for a few seconds, but then sproing, up they pop again. The medical community should look into this phenomenon. Maybe NASA too. Some good should come out of what’s going on atop my head.

Mr. W’s Picture of the Day:

Will read this week: Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward

What's everyone else reading this week?


  1. Jacqueline Winspear's A LESSON IN SECRETS. She's amazing.

  2. ONE WAS A SOLDIER by Julia Spenser-Fleming (just got an ARC).

    Re. the hair springing up everywhere...what do you expect? It's spring!!

  3. Leann Sweeney's The Cat, the Lady, and the Liar.

  4. I'm reading The Cat, the Lady, and the Liar by Leann.

    Love the picture.

  5. I'm reading Trouble in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon. It's the Ghost-in-Law series.

  6. Dang it, now I'm craving Gobstoppers and I'm supposed to be on a diet! I will have to make a trip to Walgreens and pick up a box before work tomorrow, I'm blaming you completely Heather :)

    I love Mr.W's picture, it is gorgeous!

    Thanks for the reading suggestion :)

    I am reading Night of the Living Dandelion right now. I just love Kate's Flower Shop books I just can't get enough of Abby and Marco.

  7. Lots of great book picks out there. I'm not sure how I feel about Heads You Lose--but it's early yet. Interesting formatting --it's basically two stories. A mystery and the non-fiction story of the collaboration between the authors. I'll report back. :)

    Sorry, B! I've been through two boxes in a week. LOL.

  8. heart of the matter by emily giffin

  9. I sympathize with the hair - mine's like that every day.

    Reading this week: the new J.R. Ward book, Slugfest by Rosemary Harris, One Was a Soldier by Julia Spencer-Fleming, A Hard Death by Jonathan Hayes, Eileen Dreyer's new historical and Roxanne St. Claire's new book. (I have a terrible memory for titles!)

  10. Becke, when do you find time to write? (But what a great bunch of books!)

  11. What a thoughtful post dear! Thanks for sharing this and let me tell you am in love with that flower you have posted! Tranquil!