Monday, May 16, 2011

The Wow, the Goosebumps, and the Picture of the Day

The Wow

I’m so thrilled to say that Absolutely, Positively is featured in the current issue (June 6) of First for women magazine (available at grocery checkouts + newsstands everywhere). It’s on the “6 paperbacks were reading now” page and was recommended by senior food editor, Krista Winston. Please considering picking up a copy—it’s the one with Mariska Hargitay on the cover—to take a peek. Part of the Krista's recommendation: "It was so jam-packed with endearing characters and suspense that I didn't want to set it down for a minute!"

Thanks, Krista. And thanks, First!

The Goose Bumps

This weird thing happens to me every time I sneeze. I get goose bumps. It happens just about every time, including when Wendy Watson and I were rooming together in Pittsburgh (not surprising considering how darn sick I was). I thought it was just one of those random weird things that only happen to me (and son #2), until Wendy hopped right on Google and went looking for an explanation for this strange reaction. For some reason it never occurred to me to look for a reason for it. LOL. Just thought I was...strange. Apparently there are lots of us out there who get goose bumps when we sneeze. The going theory is that the gust of air from sneezing cools something in the brain that shouldn’t be cooled and tricks the brain into thinking the body is cold which then triggers goose bumps—something the body uses to temporarily warm itself. Fascinating, no? Still strange, but fascinating nonetheless.

The Picture of the Day

taken by Mr. W
Love this time of year and all the goslings around. They're too cute for words.


  1. I will have to find a copy of First for Women and then let them know I have purchased their magazine for their excellent taste in books!

  2. Cool about the magazine and I'll be hitting the bookstand today.

    Is that a baby gosling? It's adorable.

    Carpe Bead 'Em was a fun book.

    Have a good week!

  3. Congratulations on FIRST! I love your Lucy series, and I'm very glad everyone else is loving Absolutely, too!

    Please tell Mr. W. to start taking pics of baby bunnies. Surely your rabbit has some offspring by now?


  4. Thanks, Aimee! :)

    Dru Ann, thank you! There are dozens of baby geese near the high school. I'm surprised I haven't driven off the road yet when I crane my neck to get a peek at them. SO CUTE.

    Shelley, thanks! And LOL on those babies. If they're around, they're hiding under the shed still. But when they come out, you know Mr. W will have his camera ready.

  5. That's a definite wow. Very cool.

    Great pic, too.

  6. Congrats Heather! That is awesome news about the magazine. I love the picture of the baby! My dog loves ducks and especially babies! I have to take her to the lake in town so she can see her "duckers," she even knows the word!