Monday, June 13, 2011

The Command, the Upcoming Trips, and the (High Maintenance) Garden

The Command

I’ve been “commanded” to appear at jury duty in July. Once upon a time I’d have been hoping beyond hope not to be picked. But now? Pick me! Pick me! I’d love to see the inner workings of a courtroom. I’ve been called to the courthouse before for jury duty, but the cases had always plead out so no jurors were needed. And although the people watching there is worth the trip, this time I hope if I get picked that there’s actually a trial. Have you been on a jury? Want to be on one or avoid it like the plague?

The Upcoming Trips
I’m making lots of travel plans these days. I’m leaving for the Romance Writer’s of America conference at the end of the month. This year it’s in New York City, and should be tons of fun. The conference hotel is in Times Square, I’m rooming with a few of my critique partners, and I’m lucky enough to be on a panel this year, too. Hopefully I’ll get in some sight seeing and have plenty of time to hang out with good friend Dru Ann!

Not long after I get home from NYC, I leave again on a family vacation. I need one so bad! And cannot wait. We’re headed back East again this year—another long road trip—but that road trip is part of the fun, right? Am already thinking of road trip foods to pack. Gobstoppers are definitely on the list! Any other suggestions?

The Garden

Spent lots of time in the garden this weekend. Love the instant gratification of planting annuals, but am always reminded how much work gardens are! The constant watering, weeding, and maintenance. I’m still not done pulling weeds, but what’s done is looking really nice. My favorite flower this year is bright yellow zinnia. So happy! Let’s hope I don’t kill any of the new plants... I don’t have the best of luck with flowers. Don’t tell Nina Quinn, okay?


  1. May I join you when you head out with Dru? I'd love to get to meet you in person Heather. Pretty Please with chocolate and a cherry on top?

  2. The flowers looks beautiful, Heather. Yellow is my fav color!!! And mandatory roadtrip food: slim jims and cornuts :))))))

  3. I hate jury duty. I live in a smallish county in Texas. If you are not chosen for jury duty on the first day you have to call a hotline every night for the rest of the week to see if you need to come back for another round of random selection. I have lived here for 8 years and have been summoned 3 times while my husband was only summoned once.

    P.S. The smellier the roadtrip food the better. Just to irritate everyone.

  4. NoraA, if it's okay with Dru Ann, it's okay with me! The more the merrier!

    Kristine, yellow flowers make me so happy! Love them. But Slim Jims??? The smell would make me crazy in the car.

    Danielle, do you know Kristine??? LOL. You two with your smelly treats. :) My husband has only been summoned once, too, and this is my third time. Strange!

  5. I have always wanted to be on a jury. I've only been once, but didn't get called on. I did get to sit and watch the whole day which was pretty fun b/c the judge was great! One woman kept arguing with him about how it was so unfair she had to sit there & didn't understand how she got picked anyway. She tried everything to get sent home but the judge wasn't buying it. He made her stay till the very end, boy was she mad! Note to self, if you want to get sent home do not tick off that judge!

    I want to go on your trip too! I'll pay you in Dr. Pepper and Gobstoppers!

    Have fun on your trips and travel safe. I want to hear all about it when you get home.

  6. My jury duty adventure was last spring. sadly, I didn't get picked (wasn't even in the box once) but I was there for the entire jury selection questioning aka voir dire.

    It sounded like an interesting case, a malicious wounding, and I would have liked to be in out just because I cannot stand NOT knowing how stuff turns out.

    What concerned me is that I know some people who were picked did not answer honestly. They answered how they wanted to be seen or what they wanted to believe about themselves.

    I won't get into details (because I plan to use it later in a book myself) but I consider myself an average person of good moral fiber and I know that my answers were different. Maybe all of those people were better than I am morally but ....

    Regardless, it's endlessly fascinating to see the process.