Monday, August 22, 2011

The Inspiration, the Food Fight, and the Winner Is...

The Inspiration

As a writer, I get my inspiration everywhere. Mostly, though, it comes from news stories (ripped from the headlines kind of things) that I twist to fit my quirky plots. But most recently I had the best idea for a plot while I was watching, wait for it, Jerseylicious. Go ahead, laugh. I'll wait. This show, on the Style channel, is such a guilty pleasure for me. And now it's inspiration. While watching last week, I had an aha moment. A plot was born. I'm not sharing my idea yet (I don't like jinxing things like that), but it's goooood.

The Food Fight

August always means lots of hummingbirds in our yard. We love watching them flit around, drinking out of the feeders, drinking out of the flowers (they love the hostas this year). As fun as they are to watch, they're also quite feisty. We have 3-4 regulars, and they're always trying to run each other off. Lots of fighting going on outside the window... Which begs the question, Can't they just get along?

The Winner Is...

Me! Whee! I left a comment on a post by Nora McFarland on Dru Ann's blog a couple of weeks ago, and it turns out that I was randomly chosen to win a book from Nora. I was going to forfeit and let a real "reader" win, but then I thought, Hey! I'm real reader. Plus, I never win anything. Plus, plus, the book looked really good. And because Nora is so darn nice, she sent me two books. Just the things I need to procrastinate as my deadline looms. Because you know I'm looking for reasons. Thank you, Nora and Dru Ann! It's nice to win once in a while.


  1. I was also a winner on Dru Ann's blog and won A Bad Day's Work. I am reading it now.

  2. That was so sweet of Nora to send you both books.

    I hope you and Nancy enjoy the books.

  3. Congrats to you, too, Nancy B! It's nice to win something, isn't it?

    Dru Ann, I'm sure I will. They look like my kind of book!

  4. Congratulations on the win. I haven't read A BAD DAY'S WORK, but I loved HOT, SHOT AND BOTHERED. Happy reading.

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  5. Thanks, MC! That's good to know--I trust your judgement.