Monday, August 8, 2011

The Stupid Question, the Extra Parts, and the No Vacancy

The Stupid Question

I'm in love with Applebees's cherry limeades this summer. Madly in love. Head over heels. Now I'm looking for cherry limeades all over the place and discovered Sonic has them. Only one thing...I've never been to Sonic. So, stupid question time: do you have to stay in your car and order? Or can you walk in and order? LOL. Told you it was a stupid question.

The Extra Parts

Huh. When should I worry about too many extra parts when putting together a futon? I seem to have a lot of leftover screws and bolts for some reason. Am having visions of son #2 crashing to the floor his first time sitting on the futon in his dorm. Better make sure he packs his insurance card...

The No Vacancy

We have a full bird house in our pine tree. As far as we can tell, there are three wren babies, even though all you can see here is two mouths. Mouths that never seem to close! They're waiting for their mama (whose work never ends) to drop something tasty into their beaks. So cute.


  1. we love sonic, but always have them bring our food to our car. I know you can sit out on their "patio", but I've never gone to a window and ordered. They have drive thru as well. You will LOVE their drinks!!!

  2. If you try a Sonic cherry limeaid, you will never be the same! I promise! The ice is spectacular, and there's such perfect tartness to the drink! Ahh, I want one now. :) Their food is pretty stinkin' good, too. I've never gotten out of the car to order. Just pull up and push the button, and they bring the food to you. They even have credit card machines where you order. Some Sonics have a drive-through, but sitting at the little order box is more fun! Oh, and they have a "happy hour" from 2-4, so drinks are half price. Enjoy!

  3. You can do either, Heather. And the cherry limeades are good there... but their lemon berry cream slushes are better!!!

  4. Okay, stupid question part two--do you tip the servers that come to the car??? I definitely have to give Sonic a go.

    K, a lemon berry slushie sounds fabulous, too. Maybe one of each! LOL.

  5. Heather, I had those the other day..they were good.