Monday, September 5, 2011

The Happiness

Happiness is:

1) Having son #2 home from college for the past two days.

2) Making plans to see son #1 before he leaves for basic training.

3)Volunteering at the local animal shelter with Baby Girl this weekend during the shelter's huge adoption sale. We got to see so many of our favorite pets find forever homes. Actually made me teary. Such a sap.

4) Getting lots of writing done.

5) Cooler weather.

6) Finding a gluten free bread I like.

7) It's almost boot weather. Love boots.

8) Watching all the bird activity in the backyard. It's like a scene from Nature out there.

9) Reading pass pages for It Takes a Witch and still loving this book!

10) A three day weekend.

Please share your happies, too! (Yes, I totally made up the word happies. It's that kind of morning.)


  1. My happies are:

    1 - quilting

    2 - taking fabric and creating a quilt for someone to love.

    3 - reading

    4 - cooler weather

    5 - 3-day weekend

    6 - my family and friends

  2. Dru, I saw your latest quilt on FB--it's gorgeous! And I'm happy for my friends and family, too. :)

  3. Making me happy:
    * Three day weekend!
    * Hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls!
    * Air conditioning!
    * Job interviews!
    * Watching the kiddo play outside!

    Please share your newfound gluten-free bread!

  4. Happiness:
    1. Family and friends
    2. Chocolate & coffee
    3. Reading
    4. Cool nights, warm days

    BTW, love the cover of IT TAKES A WITCH. Beautiful.

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  5. Kristin, cinnamon rolls, mmmmm! Now I'm hungry!

    The bread I found is Udi's Cinnamon and Raisin bread--great for breakfast, which is a GF challenge for me since I get SO sick of eggs after a while.

    MC, those are great happies! And so glad you like the cover. I'm hoping it lures readers in... :)

  6. Thanks for the info on the bread. My sweet baby boy (10.5 months) has allergies/allergy concerns we are dealing with. We won't do any testing yet as it tends to not be accurate until kids reach age 2. He most certainly has an oat allergy and we have reason to suspect wheat as well. Have you ever tried Van's frozen waffles? Quite tasty! The brown rice "loaf" on the other hand (can't remember the brand) ...not so much!