Monday, October 24, 2011

The Fact of the Matter

The fact of the matter is...

When Mr. W and Baby Girl are talking about math terms like secant, cosecant, cotangent, tangent, cosine...

It gives me a headache.

Just sayin'.

Once upon a time, I was good at math. Had As in it and everything. Algebra, no problem. Trig? Breezed right through. Now? I get hives when faced with arithmetic security questions on certain websites. Adding large sums in my head? Not happening. Sometimes when I use a calculator, I mess up (the checkbook can attest to that).

Not sure what happened, other than maybe that old saying is true: If you don't use it, you lose it.

But that doesn't mean I want it back. :)

How're your math skills?


  1. My math skills are pretty good, but the one thing I can't do as quickly as before is add large sums in my head.

  2. Dru, Mr. W is amazing at adding those big sums. He has his answer before I've lined up the numbers in my head. LOL.

    I'm envious of anyone who has good math skills. It's really something I lack these days.

  3. I was and still am Horrible at math! There were many a nights I cried at the kitchen table working on math homework. I never want to relive that again. Now, assign a book report or a research project and I was all about that!

  4. My math skills are horrible. My husband can do math in his head in no time at all. So, with him around and with calculators, I don't worry about my math skills being what they are.