Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Back-Up Plan

The other day Baby Girl and I were talking about her newly-single status (after a two-year relationship). It's been a few months since the break-up...

Me: Don't worry. There's another boy out there for you.

Her (giving me an arched eyebrow): Or I can just be one of those ladies with lots of cats.

LOL. Apparently, she's still not ready for another relationship. But I am glad she has a back-up plan in place. That's my girl.

PS: I'm at Books on the House this week. Check it out to learn how my fairy godmother series morphed into witches!


  1. LOVE IT!!!

    What a great laugh.

  2. She's a smart one, that girl of yours! I used to always work with the rule of 3 -- one I was currently dating, one who liked me, and one who was a friend with the potential to convert. That way, there's always a backup!

  3. It cracked me up, too, Nancy. She's so young to be so cynical, but it's her nature to make plans. :)

    LOL, Louise. I'll have to share that with her!

  4. Dru Ann, very very wise...

    Linda, definitely!