Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The New Addiction

Someone help me. Take the can and go. Run. Fast. Hurry.

Wait! Wait! Just a couple more chips before you go...

Do you have a favorite Pringles flavor?

PS: Great interview with me here. Research trips, disgusting scenes, and an embarrassing moment. Thanks, Diane Morasco!


  1. Don't like Pringles at all.

  2. BBQ & Sour Cream & Onion are my favorite Pringles flavors although I don't eat them too often. I'm not a big chip fan.

  3. Sour cream & Onion all the way!

  4. You are right, Pringles are SUPER addicting! I can't even buy them because I know I'll sit down and down the whole container. It is a good thing I am immobile right now after surgery so there is no way I'd be going to the store soon. Resisting would be hard!

    I popped over and read the interview. Fun hearing about your writing process. Your visit with your hubby to the park sounds totally spooky. I bet your late night visit helped you bring that scene to life in your book in a way you perhaps could've have done without going. All in the name of writing a well researched scene!

  5. I loved reading the interview you shared with us! It was very intersting to hear about how you prepare for your wonderful books! No more late night park adventures though, that's a little scary.

  6. Breaunna, they're my weakness. I'd take them over chocolate any day. Yeah, I said it. :)

    Mare, those are one of my faves too. Love strong flavors.

    Kristin, I hope that knee is doing better! That park was *totally* creepy. It's one of the scenes in Truly, Madly...

    Breaunna, it's a deal!

  7. I never buy Pringles. I don't really ever buy chips of any kind. But, if I am someplace (like at a party) and they are there, then I totally can't stop eating them.

  8. Linda, I can't stop eating them, either. That's the problem! LOL.

  9. I had a feeling it was Truly, Madly, but I haven't read any of your Nina Quinn mysteries, so wasn't sure. From the reader standpoint, the late night trip to the park was well-worth it and totally paid off. Hope you and hubby agree! :)