Monday, January 30, 2012

The Opposites Attract

This past weekend, Mr. W and I attended a band event for Baby Girl. It's called the Solo & Ensemble contest, and basically a student plays their instrument (either, appropriately, as a soloist or in an ensemble or both) before a judge and gets a score.

Anyhoo, Mr. W and I were waiting in a stuffy room, around lunch-time, for an ensemble to start. We were sitting right next to the judge, who had a small plate of snacks in front of him. Two chocolate-chip cookies and some carrot and celery sticks.

Me (whispering to Mr. W): I really want to steal a cookie.
Him (whispering to me): I was eyeing the celery sticks.

Yeah. There's a reason we call Mr. W "Wild Oat Man" around here.

The moral of this story? If you're a chocolate chip kind of girl married to a Wild Oat kind of man, then at least there's no competition for the cookies.

Which snack would you have taken?


  1. "C is for cookie.....not celery or carrots."

  2. like there's a choice? cookies!

  3. No contest - the cookie!

    (I have a carrot guy too. I keep trying to bring him to the dark side.) ;)