Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Took these around the yard this week. We've had temps in the mid-80s. Crazy! But I'm loving it.

My pink dianthus is already blooming.

Our pear trees are almost three full weeks ahead of blooming schedule.

Do you see the bumble? They're everywhere in the yard and keep smacking into the windows. Poor things apparently don't understand the concept of glass. And aren't quick learners.

One of my fave spring flowers--grape hyacinth. Smells so yummy. Wish they lasted all spring long.

Do you have a favorite spring flower?


  1. One of my favorite spring flower is the Dogwood. Just because of the legend behind it and because it reminds me of living back home in Tennessee. The winters are so harsh here in Iowa, I can't grow one here. I also love the grape hyacinths and just about anything that smells like spring.

  2. Isn't this weather crazy? I've seen crocus and daffodils (my favorite) blooming all over my neighbrhood but, oddly, no tulips. The magnolia trees are also in full bloom, a good month early, and the crabapple outside my front window looks like it will be blooming before long as well.

  3. We've had early warm weather here in Rochester. The magnolias, pears, and weeping cherry trees are blooming. It's beautiful, but we just slammed into a cold snap. I heard that some of the fruit farmers are a bit worried. Hopefully they won't be too negatively affected!