Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Wrap Up

Had an amazing time at the Malice Domestic conference. Met up with lots of friends (and met so many new ones!), chatted with wonderful readers, caught up with my agent and editor, and laughed a ton.

From my editor, I found out that the third Darcy Merriweather book will be out next April (the second comes out this August!). And, even more exciting, I found out the first Love Potion Shop mystery featuring witch Carly Hartwell will be out in November ’13. I can’t believe it already has a release date when it’s not fully written yet. So excited to get to Carly’s story. I *adore* those characters.

Friday night I went to my publisher’s dinner (where the publisher treats their authors to dinner), and had THE BEST caramel sundae ever. The whole meal was wonderful, but notice how I'm fixated on the dessert? LOL. To add to the amazing evening, author Penny Warner made necklaces for all the authors there. Here’s mine. Isn’t it fabulous?

Six of the seven Cozy Chicks were at Malice, too, and we were able to catch up and sign bookplates for our new cookbook, The Cozy Chicks Kitchen. If you order a cookbook, you can get a bookplate signed by all seven of us (Deb signed beforehand) to put inside the cover of your book to have an autographed copy. Just email cozychicks@gmail.com for a bookplate.

Stole this pic from Ellery Adams!
She's holding a copy of the cookbook. Isn't it cute?
In front, Maggie and Lorraine. In back, me, Leann and Ellery. Not pictured is
Kate Collins, who didn't arrive till after this pic was taken.
Here’s one of my favorite pics from the conference, taken by Sara J. Henry. It’s Dru Ann Love, Aimee Hix, and me. Loved hanging out with them—laughing the whole time.

Dru Ann, Aimee, and me.

Now I’m home and in the space of two days burned my finger and hurt my leg (not sure what’s going on with that). I have the Lucy Valentine book to finish and pass pages to do for A Witch Before Dying (did I mention it’s out in August?). Oh, and move my son home from college and try to figure out vacation plans... It’s nuts around here, but even though I had so much fun at Malice, I agree with Dorothy—there’s no place like home!


  1. What a cool weekend you had! Love the picture of you and (most of) the other Cozy Chicks! Thanks for sharing. That necklace is really sweet. How special that that was made just for you. AND great news on your new series. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Sorry that you came home to two injuries. Total bummer after such a fun weekend. Well, a bummer anytime, but you know what I mean.What's going on with your leg? I am walking again! Yippee! It's been a long road. I've got quite the limp (for the time being) and some complications that will work out over time, but am so thankful to be back on two feet and back to "normal" life. Just being able to take care of my little ones independently again makes me feel so good. Of course, I have to be careful not to overdo it, which I did Monday. Must reserve nap time for putting my feet up and reading! Need to get my hands on "Digging Up Trouble ". :) My hubby got me the first in Jenn McKinlay's cupcake series for the birthday!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I was so excited to see the release dates for the new books. Now I just hope the time will fly by so I can get to reading them!

  3. Sorry about your injuries. Had a great time and I can't wait until our next visit.

  4. Kristin, I'm so glad your leg is doing better! My injuries are just silly. Tiny burn that I'm milking for all its worth, and a sore muscle... Nothing big! I'm a whiner. :) Jenn's books are great. I think you'll love it.

    Breaunna, time IS flying. Wish I could write faster to keep up with it.

    Thanks, Dru Ann. I'm fine, really! Like I said, just whining. :) I can't wait for our next visit, too. Had SO MUCH FUN!