Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Drive-In

I was up way past (way, way, way) my bedtime last night, waiting for my daughter to get home from the drive-in. She and a group of friends went to a double-header of Ice Age 4 and Batman.

She didn't get home till 2:30.


It's out next week! August 7th! 
Yeah, I could have napped while waiting, but I don't like sleeping while she's out, so I worked. Well, I tried. Mostly, I fought with Mail Merge for four hours. I'm still not over it. I might need therapy. Anyhoo, I finally won the battle and was able to work on the A WITCH BEFORE DYING postcards I'm sending out in a couple of days until she got home.

She had a blast, of course. Thought Ice Age was adorable and that Batman was awesome.

It all reminded me of my first drive-in experience. And as I have very few memories of my early childhood, the fact that I remember this speaks volumes. I was around seven and went with family friends to the local drive-in. It was a double-header (are they always?), and the first movie was Mary Poppins. Seeing it on the big screen was pretty magical. I was thrilled.

But the second movie?

Friday the 13th.

I wasn't so thrilled with that. Nightmares for weeks. I'm not sure what those family friends were thinking. I still can't watch that movie.

These days drive-ins are few and far between, and I find that to be a little sad. They're kind of special. Memorable. Most everyone has a drive-in story. So now I'm in the mood to go to the drive-in, too. Just as long as Jason's not on the big screen...and I get home before 2:30 AM.

Have you been to a drive-in recently?


  1. We had a drive-in in my hometown forever, but it shut down several years ago. Some people thought they'd try to open it up somewhere else in town, but that never happened. I actually never got to go to a show there and am still bummed! One time a couple years ago my mom & I were visiting a small town & they had a drive-in, we had planned on going no matter what show was playing. We ended up having a creepy "stalker" guy following us & was too freaked out to go. So, I have never been to a drive-in. Can I be jealous of your daughter?

  2. There's an Ice Age 4? Need to check that one out.

    No drive-in here in the city, I don't think.

    But it would be fun to go to one.

  3. There are no drive-ins left in Iowa that I know of. We did have a Sonic Drive-in restraunt for a while but even it closed. The first movie I ever went to see at a drive in was Frankenstein (the original) with my cousin. Scared the bee jesus out of both of us and since we had walked, we called my Faf (granpa) and he had to come get us because we were just that scared.

  4. Breaunna, creepy stalker guys are Not Good. I'm glad you changed your plans!

    Dru Ann, Baby Girl said IA4 was adorable. I'm trying to picture a drive-in in the city and it's making me smile. :)

    Sue, I can understand about Frankenstein! Isn't it funny how certain (seemingly innocent) things can scar us for life?