Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Toy Shopping?

Yesterday in the mail, I received a Fisher Price catalog. Oh, how I miss those Fisher Price Little People toys.

I mean, look at this:

It's the Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo. How's that for a mouthful??? But isn't it cute? Baby Girl would have LOVED this, oh, fifteen years ago. In fact, she might still love it. I think Santa should consider it for her.

Okay, maybe not.

Sometimes I REALLY miss not having little ones on my shopping list. It might have to be bought for Toys for Tots this year...

Have you started getting a ton of catalogs in the mail?


  1. That is a very cute toy, too bad my nieces are a bit too old for something like this. I like your suggestion of buying it for Toys for Tots though! Have you seen the Target Christmas ad? At first I was thinking gosh isn't it a little early, but since they don't play it too often it's nice to see a little bit of Christmas just to remind me that the holidays are coming! My local Kohl's store is already decorated, not totally sure how I feel about that yet. Happy Early Holiday Season~

  2. That is really cute, but all the kids I know are too old for it, too. So far the only catalog I have received is the one for The Swiss Colony.

  3. Buy for Toys for Tots and bide your time. There will be little people in your family again.

    Yes, the catalogs are rolling in. Also, the calendars. Every charity in the world has sent me a calendar.

  4. The Doll LOVED Little People when she was a little people. At that time the play sets would come with a video of the Little People adventures.

    They were hard to find so I started searching for the ones we were missing. They were so behind the times they were VHS tapes ... I know.

    Toys R Us didn't have them separately.

    Amazon didn't have them separately.

    I finally found some on eBay.

    Unfortunately, an unrestricted search on Little People videos brought me some unexpected and rather, shall we say, unsavory search results. And those cannot be unseen.