Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Mouth of Babes Pt. 2

My four-year-old niece has quite the way with words.

Her, eyeing my pothos with a dubious look: Do you water that plant?

In my (and the plant's) defense. It's watered. It's just...sad. It might be time to Kevorkian the thing. And yes, I just made Kevorkian a verb. It's been one of those weeks.


  1. You reminded me of the Erma Bombeck quote: "Plants under my care have been known to commit suicide."

    (I miss Erma.)

  2. I have no plants. Plant killer, I am.

  3. Too Funny!!! Your neice sounds a lot like my 5 year old neice. They're so cute at that age but they haven't seemed to develop any sort of filter yet.