Friday, February 15, 2013

The Realization

It was last week, while I was having an impromptu lunch with son # 2 that I realized how well he knew me.

We were at a Panera near his college, talking about tetanus, because what mother-son lunch doesn’t turn to that subject?

It all started when son #2 told me about a runner friend of his who had stepped on a rusty nail while on a run. Son # 2 is a pre-nursing student, so he knows the hazards of tetanus, but not how often someone needs a booster shot. He was wondering if he did.

Me: Not for a few more years. It’s every ten years and you had one in high school. Now me, I need one. The last time I had one was when my eardrum ruptured. You were five.

Him: You should get one.

Me: I don’t want one. I’ve never had a more painful shot in my whole life.

Him: But you could go get ice cream afterward.

Yeah, he knows me well...

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