Friday, March 1, 2013

The Moment of Madness

So there I was looking into the mirror last week and thinking my bangs were way too long. And suddenly they were WAY TOO LONG. They needed to be shortened. RIGHT THAT MINUTE. There was no time to wait and make an appointment at the salon. Or even to calm down and think rationally. They NEEDED TO GO.

They went.

My hairdresser is sure to lecture me about this the next time I see her. Which will be soon. Because I need to get my bangs evened out.


  1. Too funny! So true!

    My hairdresser told me if I had to trim my bangs, just to come in and she'd do it. No appointment. No fee!!! I've never taken her up on it yet, but it has kept me from cutting my own.

  2. Unfortunately, I've been there, done that! A session of trimming my own bangs was generally followed by pulling out my collection of headbands and bobby pins.

  3. Silly Heather.

    My dad tried to trim my bangs once when I was a kid. He couldn't get them even so he kept taking just a little bit more. I think he stopped when he ran out of bangs.

  4. Been there, done that! Better than trimming facial hairs! lol!

    I just found your blog last night after finishing up book #7 in the Nina Quinn series. have me totally hooked! She is so darn cute and down to earth, I can see why you can't let go of the characters in your books. I can totally visualize Maria, she could have her own book, and Kit is pretty cool, too. Love the old folks, too.

    I read all of the Lucy Valentine books, too, and cannot wait for the next! I have a blog and I'm constantly rattling on about the series. Every time I think I'm going to move on to another book in my Nook library, I order the next in the series!!!

    So glad to see you have a blog. I'm following. Keep up the great writing and stop by for a visit!


  5. Stacy, I'm afraid I'd still do it even if I had a generous offer like that!

    Tiffany, bobby pins are my friend, too. Headbands and I don't get along, though.

    Oh no, Linda! I bet he never did it again!

    Jane, welcome! I love Nina, too. Just finishing her next book--it makes me so happy writing it. :)