Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Snow Day

It's been two years since our district has had a snow day, so Baby Girl was rejoicing this morning. We had a measly five inches or so, but in this area, that's a big storm. Hot chocolate, anyone?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Lucky you (and baby girl!). In the Seattle area we've gotten nothing this year and sadly, this late in the year, I think the ship has sailed. :(

  2. We got about the same amount of snow...I think we passed it on to you like a bad cold!! It does look pretty though!


  3. Kristin, BG was SO thrilled. It was adorable. And you never know about late-season snow might get hit yet.

    Jane, it's really pretty, but I'm glad it'll be gone in a few days. Now that there was a snow day, I can openly root for SPRING!

  4. We had a snow day at my work a couple of weeks ago! That was a very rare treat and I was as as happy as a kid in school :) I'm hoping we are done with Winter now. I'm ready for Spring and sunshine.