Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Struggle

Just look at those poor daffodils as they struggle to open. They're so confused--it's supposed to be spring. But so far here in the Cincinnati area spring is still on an extended va-cay. We've had snow the past two days, and this morning is a nice 27 degrees. Supposedly (I'll believe it when I see it), this weekend is supposed to hit the 60s. Maybe those little daffodils will stand a chance, after all. We'll see.


  1. Here - in Germany - spring seems to be far, far away, too. Our local radio station reports that it has been the coldest start into spring since 1889! The Easter-weekend is supposed to be a little warmer but - *grrrrrr* - rainy...

  2. I know from having blog friends everywhere, Ohio has had a hard winter, and still is it seems. Let's keep our fingers crossed spring is around the corner. It's warming up here, too (in Chicago), and I hope we have a nice sunny Easter!


  3. I should take a picture of my tulip pushing through the snow.