Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Throwback

How many of you remember the days of this happening?:

Well, you might be surprised, but this happened LAST WEEK. To my daughter.

Let me rewind (hahaha) a bit: For Baby Girl's AP Spanish class, she needed to buy a tape recorder. Not a digital one, oh no. The AP people are old school. It had to be a regular tape recorder (you should have seen us trying to track one down) with regular cassette tapes. One of the sections on the AP test is to actually speak Spanish, so the kids recite into their recorders, then send the cassettes off for grading.

Luckily, this cassette was just one of the practice cassettes. Let's hope something like this doesn't happen on the day of the test.

By the way, if you have an eagle eye, you may have noticed that my daughter's Spanish-class name is Graciela. I happen to love it--it fits her. :)


  1. We had to do a video tape for my senior project and my best friend found it a while ago. Let's just say that was interesting to watch! Glad they still do Spanish names :) As there is not an equivalent to my name and I have red hair I was Rosa!

  2. Have you taught her how to rewind a cassette with a pencil?

  3. Brittney, we still have a couple of VCRs and lots of VHS tapes in the house. I guess we're old school too! Baby Girl's real name doesn't have a direct translation, either, but I like this one!

    Linda, not yet! She hasn't needed to learn. Ah, good times.

  4. I remember splicing my tape ends together when they broke...made for interesting listening.

    I also remember using the pencil to rewind.

  5. I think the AP people need to get with the times!