Monday, January 6, 2014

The Coin Jar

Do you have a coin jar? You know, a place to throw all your loose change? We do. It's an old green planter, rather small.

Well our coin jar finally reached its limits last week. You know it's full when coins slide right off the top of the pile and onto the counter. Fortunately, our bank allows its customers to bring in loose change and free of charge they'll dump it into one of those machines that counts it out for you. No rolling--hurrah!

Here's our coin jar. The two-cup measuring cup is for size reference.

So, how much coinage do you think was in that little jar?

Son #2's guess: $15.00
Baby Girl's guess: $10.00
My guess: $20.00
Mr. W's guess: $75.00

And *shutthefrontdoor* Mr. W was dead on. Well, okay, it was $75.62 but still. I couldn't believe it when the bank teller told me. (By the way, that $0.62 went right back into the jar.)

So, if you don't have a coin jar, now might be a great time to get one. It adds up and is great to use for a family treat. I think we'll go out to dinner...


  1. I have a coin container and like you, my bank counts the coins for free (as a depositor) and I love seeing high numbers on the ticket. I usually deposit in my account and it is my play fund.

    1. We used some for puzzles, too. It's a good week to do them--soooooo cold. Don't you love when the banks actually do something for FREE?

  2. What a fun family idea.My family and I have never had a coin jar, but maybe now is a good time to start. $75.62 is nothing to sneeze at! How long did it take you guys to accumulate that amount? I feel like so much of my word is with my debit card that it seems it might take a looong while before any real amount is built up.

    1. It was about 6 months worth of coins. It's amazing how it adds up. Give it a try!