Monday, July 14, 2014


Had such a hankering for cookies so I finally decided to whip up a half batch of chocolate chip. Just enough to satisfy the craving. And a couple to share with the rest of the family. Just a couple... :)

Waaaaayyyy back in 11th grade, in a high school cooking class, I learned how to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch. The teacher didn't believe in hand mixers, so she taught us how to cream the butter and sugar by hand. Literally. I don't stick my hands in the dough anymore--I use a spoon--but I still don't use hand mixers when making these cookies. Some habits are hard to break.

Buttery deliciousness

I discovered air-insulated cookie sheets a few years ago and haven't burned a cookie since. I love them. A must-have for cookie bakers.

Going into the oven.

At this point, I may have sampled some cookie dough. Just a smidge. Or a tablespoonful. Or four. Don't judge.

Done! Nom, nom, nom.
I'm one of those strange chocolate chip cookie eaters who don't prefer them hot out of the oven. I actually like them best the next morning, when they've set up a bit. Morning cookies and coffee. Heaven.

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