Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I totally flaked on telling you about my guest post on Lori's Reading Corner yesterday. Please go and read all about my stint as an unintentional library book thief. It's a good post--I promise.

A snippet:

The first two on that list were the initial books that most influenced my love of mysteries. The Hound of the Baskervilles gave me my first book hangover. Reading it was a 10th grade English assignment, and though the class was only supposed to read one chapter for homework over the weekend, I was hooked. It was the first book I stayed up half the night to finish. I had to know whodunit.
A Cry in the Night was the book that cemented my love of the genre. I borrowed it from my high school’s library in May of 1990 and devoured it. Apparently, I loved it so much…I kept it.
That’s right. I. Kept. It.
:::hanging head in shame:::

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  1. Loved reading your story! I commented, but don't think it went through -- it's a problem some blogger users have been having with WordPress hosted blogs since June. Everything goes to the junk bin, and I've discovered that few people actually check them for legitimate comments gone astray. :-\

  2. Ugh, Heather. Sorry about the comment thing.

  3. I love Mary Higgins Clark! I read her all through high school. I also love your books! <3