Wednesday, January 7, 2015


We've all done this, right? Last time for me was when I was making a cake, then made the mistake of going down to the family room in the basement where apparently I cannot hear the oven timer. Suddenly I smelled something strange... I'm not sure I've ever moved so fast in my whole life.

Sadly, the cake did not survive.


  1. I burned the Christmas ham. It wasn't that I didn't hear the timer, I was just having such fun watching the kids opening presents, I told myself the ham could go a little longer. Oh well, it was only a little over done on the outside.

    Love the bunny.

  2. Our toaster totally died a few months ago and for the time being I've just being doing toast under the great. The other day I was that bunny! Thankfully the toast wasn't burnt even close to how bad the smell suggested!

    1. Ugh, toasters! We're on our 2nd in four months. I'm on the hunt for a toaster that actually toasts evenly. :) The broiler, though, is looking like a much better option...

  3. It works fine, but does take a bit longer I suppose. I like to flip the bread, so it toasts on both sides. Plus side is I can make enough for all of us at once instead of a couple rounds in even a four slice toaster.