Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Happy

Wishing you all a very happy New Year!

I love the start of a new year. A big blank canvas to make goals, realize dreams. Then there's also the opportunity for change.

And yes, change can happen any day of the year, any hour. But January 1st is like the big kahuna of starting over. The Monday of all Mondays.

Change is difficult for a lot of us. New. Scary. There's a fear of failure. And an acceptance that change is needed in some way.

But it can be exciting, too. A journey. An exploration of potential that's lurking just under the surface. The discovery that there might be more to life that one realized. More to yourself.

And sure, there might be bumps in the road. Maybe even failure. But trying is all that truly matters.

My goals for 2015:

Finally learn how to rip the plastic wrap cleanly from its box.
Laugh more.
Sing more (sorry, family).
Eat healthier.
Less procrastinating. (Hahahaha.)
Get rid of the expensive shoes that hurt my feet. (The cheapskate in me is crying.)
Not take any of my blessings for granted.
Read more.
Learn to crochet a beanie hat.
Spoil my grandbaby. (Easy one!)
Take more pictures.
Learn to make homemade pasta.
Answer emails more quickly.
Be kinder.
Write more.
Exercise more ( :::whimper::: ).
Try to live more simply.
Organize my office.
Finish painting the living room (longest project ever).
Get outside more.
Enjoy life. Live life. Love life.

Wish me luck.


  1. I think there is some kind of sticky stuff on the box that you put the plastic wrap on before you rip and crocheting is easy. There are tons of how-to videos on the net, I can find the best ones, just give me a shout.

    1. Hi Tarri! The sticky stuff on the box laughs at me. One of these days I'll get a picture so you can see what I'm talking about. And I love to crochet. Made tons of scarfs and a few blankets. Not anything round yet... I'm trying to branch out. A beanie sounds like a good place to start. I will holler if I have questions--thank you! :)

  2. Nice list you have there! A good mix for sure. I can help you with a few - first, Stretch Tite is the best plastic wrap. Super easy to use. I get it at Costco (two pack that will last you half of forever), and second, I will cheer you on for more time spent writing. Go, Heather, go! Write, write, write! Write it down, draft it out, proof, proof, proof!

    More importantly though, grandbaby?! I don't know that you shared this before! How old? Gender?

    Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions.

    1. I might have to join Costco for that wrap, Kristin! I love the Press and Seal--it works amazing, but getting it out of the box isn't the best experience. :)

      And yes, a grandbaby! Son #1 and Daughter-in-law (she needs a nickname!) are due at the end of February! A little boy. We're already in love with him. ♥

    2. You can find Stretch Tite at other stores, too. I recently picked it up at Fred Meyer (Kroger family). It tears nice, clean and easy. Good luck!

      Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of grandbaby! Such wonderful news!

  3. Happy New Year Heather! You and I share many of the same resolutions for the year. I am trying to think of my resolutions not as just for a year but more as "Life Resolutions." It is challenging to say the least! I hope you will be able to meet all of your goals and have a wonderful year! P.S. When is the next Nina Quinn story coming out? I really miss her :) (sorry I had to ask)

    1. Life resolutions is a great term! I've hit the age where it's clear I need to start taking better care of myself. :) Next Nina will hopefully be this year. Not sure when exactly--stay tuned.