Monday, January 26, 2015


Especially if you're in the northeast. Stay warm! Around Cincinnati we had about half an inch of snow and most of the schools are on a 2-hour delay. If we had a blizzard, the city would probably shut down for a couple of weeks. I'm hunkering down with my coffee and laptop. Still working on GHOST OF A POTION.

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  1. While we are having unseasonably warm weather, the opposite side of the country is in the midst of a crazy blizzard. It really is crazy to me. Praying for a massive joyful and patient spirit to settle into every heart in New England this week.

    We went to a really fun bookstore after church on Sunday and I spied a book by John Rocco called Blizzard that I cuddled up and read with my middle child. A fun story about John's real adventure in the blizzard of '78 during which some 48+ inches fell and he trekked a mile to the local grocer with tennis rackets tied to his feet.