Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This is the second afternoon in a row I've had the house to myself, a rarity during the summer. So what did I do? Did I write during this uninterrupted time? No. Did I read? No. Did I do anything useful and productive? Well, kind of. Yesterday I washed the kitchen floor, vacuumed the first floor, and vegged in front of Cash in the Attic and Bargain Hunt. So far today I've cleaned the pink lemonade I spilled off my newly-washed floors, marinated some chicken for dinner, and have answered e-mails (by the way, if Astrid from Australia is reading this, your email addy is bouncing my email back to me! I'll keep trying!). In a few minutes, Cash in the Attic is on...

All right, I'm going to try and resist and go get some writing done, but I feel the pull of the auction... Must. Resist.


  1. Theo fails to see how today's itinerary differs from any other.

  2. relax a bit while you can!!

    I might be headed up your way in a few weeks, when I know more I'll shoot you an email.

  3. Theo, I don't make chicken every day.

    Katie, hooray! Can't wait to see you!