Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My box o' books from the RWA conference in San Francisco showed up on my front porch yesterday. I can't wait to dig in and read. I counted 39 books in the box, from authors like Susan Mallery, Stephanie Bond, Branda Novak, Karen Kingsbury, Wendy Markham, Shana Galen and many more. Add this to the ten or so books I brought home in my luggage, and I'm going to have plenty of reading material in my near (and far) future!


  1. I love when I get a box of books.

    You are a new-to-me author who I just discovered and bought your latest book and I'm sad to hear that's it's the end of the series. I will definitely read your back list, but I wanted to know why is the series ending?

  2. Eeek it's like Christmas in August! I wouldn't know where to begin =) So exciting.

  3. Hi Dru! The decision was two-fold. The publishing house isn't really publishing these types of cozy mysteries anymore, and it was a good time to wrap up Nina's storyline. I'm going to miss writing about her, though.

    I hope you enjoy the books!

  4. Melissa, funny you should say that! Tune into my Cozy Chick blog on Friday...

    But yeah, so exciting! I'm loving the Wendy Markham books. She's a new author to me, though I've heard of her pseudonym Wendy Corsi Staub...

  5. Looking forward to the blog =)

    I recently picked up Wendy's That's Amore. The story looked great and I loved the dog on the cover/Italian restaurant setting LOL. Her romantic suspense titles under WCS look great too.

  6. Thanks for the explanation Heather. I'm looking forward to reading it. What will you be writing now?

    You will love Wendy's book. I just finished That's Amore.

  7. Dru, my new romantic-mystery series, the Lucy Valentine Mysteries, will be out some time next year (I hope!). I don't have dates yet.

    I'm also trying my hand at women's fic and romance (full circle!). Works in progress!

    I'm putting That's Amore on my book wish list!

  8. I love box o' books. Mine are usually from friends, we do the almighty swap (small towns are exactly thriving with well stocked book shops), and I've got a shelf of nothing but new books I need to get off my TBR list.

    This is going to sound odd, but since Nina was doing well, why end her? I understand the houses are into publishing cozy anymore, but if a series is going well, why end it?

  9. Marissa, a series has to be doing *extremely* well to move to another house (there's a lot involved, esp. with backlist). The Nina series isn't quite in the league of *extremely*.