Thursday, October 2, 2008


If any of you have renovated, you know how I'm feeling. My time is not really my own.

The latest project is the guest bathroom. The vanity has been ripped out, the flooring too (not by me, thank goodness!). I've painted the ceiling, primed the walls, painted the "suede" textured paint.

Hated the way the paint came out.

So now I've got to go get more paint. And...paint some more.

The tile is going in today, so I have a reprieve. Thank goodness. Also meeting good friend Sharon Short for lunch. I need the escape! Can't wait to hear what she's been up to.

To satisfy some of your inquiring minds, here's a shot of the living room / kitchen in mid-renovations:

And after:

Lots of work. Totally worth it.



  1. If you put a TV in the guest bathroom as part of your renovations, I might be coaxed into a visit.

  2. My mother did the suede paint in my brothers room a few years ago. It was terrible at first, then we realized we'd painted it with the wrong brush. For the texture to come through, we were told that you need to use a sponge instead a roller. I still don't think it looks like suede but it does have a unique apperance.

  3. Ugh, aren't bathroom renovations just the worst? Glad to hear you are making progress...

  4. Jessica, thankfully we have other working bathrooms, but if we didn't... Shudder!