Friday, September 26, 2008

She's Back

Those of you who have followed my blogging adventures for a while might remember Audrey. She's the amaryllis bulb given to me as a Christmas gift almost two years ago.

Well, after her initial bloom Audrey slipped into dormancy for the summer season. Last fall her leaves started filling in, and we eagerly awaited new colorful blooms, but she never did flower. Eventually her leaves wilted, then died.
During dormancy, Audrey lives on my office bookshelf near the window looking a bit sad and lonely, her moss droopy, the color of her ceramic pot a bit too bright for what it is during this period-- a pot of dirt.

But... as you know I've been cleaning my office lately (still an act in progress), and I happened to notice a little slash of green peeking out of the dreary moss the other day. Sure enough, this morning, the beginnings of what will be a long leaf is poking up out of the dirt like a shark emerging from the sea (insert Jaws theme song here).

I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that Audrey will bloom this year. I've been really good about giving her water (without overwatering) and feeding her too (gotta love Miracle Grow). It's time to move her off the shelf and into a brighter spot...

Any tips to help her flower are more than welcome!



  1. Looks like garbage to me. I recommend you throw it away.

  2. Hi Heather:
    Just had to comment on the flower. Don't know a thing about them, but the name Audrey conjured up chuckles because it makes me think of "Little Shop of Horrors". (Showing my age!) Perhaps a little "blood" Meal might work.
    Linda McMaken