Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick Update

Am off to Vermont tomorrow without Internet, so thought I'd sneak in a quick post today.

Fiestaware replacements have been ordered and will hopefully arrive today. I couldn't find all the colors that had broken (some were retired), but the more colorful the better, right?

I did something radical yesterday--I painted my fingernails. I think I've had colored fingernails, oh, maybe twice in the last ten years. I'm a clear polish kind of girl. I'm adjusting, but I think I like it.

My deadline for My Deadly Valentine is February 1st. As of today, I still have about 40 pages to write to finish the rough draft. Then the hard work begins. I'll be taking my Alphasmart to Vermont (to use on the plane at least), but I suspect a lot of late nights in the next two weeks. The good news is I really love the book. That's always a good thing at this stage.

I hope everyone is staying warm! (Currently 9* here, with wind chills below 0. Vermont has a HIGH temp of 0* for tomorrow. Think I picked the wrong weekend to go?)


  1. It's actually around 30 below here with the wind chills - all the schools are closed. Glad to hear you were able to replace alot of your dishes. And a "wrong" weekend to go to Vermont? Not sure there can ever be a "wrong" time to go spend at a B&B and relax. Have a wonderful time!

  2. LOL it's -10 right now here in South Burlington, VT, tomorrow's supposed to be worse. But the weekend is supposed to be really nice.

    Have fun while you're here...there's nothing like winter in VT!!!