Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's Tuesday, which means American Idol night around here.

I have to say I'm impressed with the talent this year. It's going to get harder and harder to see contestants go at this point, because don't they all seem like they could record albums?

And yeah, it's pretty much a shoo in that Adam will win (how shocking would it be if he didn't) but I'd like to see Matt (I might be the only person in America, besides members of Matt's family, who was happy he was saved last week!) and Kris (he's grown on me!) in the top three with him. All right, all right, Danny is good, too, though he's turning into too much of Danny Hokey for me to vote for him. He has too much of a good voice to be singing such lousy songs (though that just might be me still cranky at his rendition of "Stand By Me". The song Should Not Be Messed With.).

Who do you think will be on the chopping block tomorrow? And is anyone else scared that it will be Anoop singing "Staying Alive" tonight?


  1. I just love Kris but I do think Adam will win.

    I feel really bad for Lil Rounds. It just seems like she can't catch a break and the girl can sing.

  2. I thought Kris did great this week! And am I the only one who actually understood Paula's whole "shop from the women's dept" analogy?

    I CANNOT believe Matt did Staying Alive. Urg. Can't believe he wasn't voted off for that!