Saturday, April 25, 2009

Freaking Out

I'm at the tail end of another remodel--of the family's den/computer room. It's going well, but all the stuff that was in that room (and there was a lot) is now in my office, waiting to find a new home.

On the whole, not so bad. A little cramped, a little crowded, a lot cluttered, but manageable.

That is, until, I LOST MY DAY PLANNER.

That whimpering you hear is coming from me.

I *think* it's in my office, so today I'll be digging through piles, wading through mounds of stuff, trying to find it. Please, please, let me find it.

Deep breath. In. Out.


  1. It's not on my desk or so far in my office! ACK ACK ACK!

  2. Okay. Whew. Found it! It was, ahem, in my purse. Which might reflect on the fact that my purse also needs to be cleaned.

    Am. So. Relieved.

  3. I'm now hooked on my planner as well, so I could feel your pain.

    Glad you found it!