Monday, April 6, 2009

Notes From The Road

My family hit the road for spring break--well, four of us. My oldest son couldn't get the time off from work, so he's staying with his grandparents while we're gone. I think he's okay with that--I'm still trying to get over not having us all together.

Our plan was to leave home, stop halfway and find a hotel. No such luck. Seems like every hotel in Georgia was completely booked. Ended up catching a few hours' sleep at a rest area.

Some notes:

-Does anything strike fear into the heart of a roadtripper like the words "Road Construction Ahead" or "Road Closed"? At one stretch it took 90 minutes to go 3 miles.

-Never, ever, place a large order in a McDonald's drive-thru.

-Try watching the dogs at the rest areas. They provide great entertainment.

-When your oldest son texts you with "so if i need stitches what would i have to do?" don't panic. Okay, panic. (He's basically okay. Nothing an ER trip and a dentist won't be able to fix [I hope].)

-Always make sure to leave behind insurance card for child not traveling with you. Oops.

-SPF 8 is a joke in Florida. A joke!

-Call for the times for local church services instead of checking the website. We were a wee bit late. Again, oops.

We're hitting the beach tomorrow--it's supposed to be 90* here. A far cry from the 40s back home in Cincinnati. I'm really hoping it warms back up before we head home!


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  1. I guess we finally know the answer to the question, "If the Webber's were stranded in the Andes by a plain crash, which one would get eaten first?"