Friday, April 3, 2009


It's absolutely pouring here today. Slate gray skies, rivers of water, ponds forming in the backyard...

And I love it!

Maybe it's because there hasn't been much rain this year, and I've missed it. But more likely it's because the rain is highlighting spring's natural palette. The grass is greener, the hyacinth more purple, the tulip (that finally decided to bloom after ten years) is more yellow. It's really quite beautiful.

I can't quite sit back and enjoy--busy day ahead as we're leaving for spring break--but I'm not too busy that I can't appreciate it (until, that is, I have to drive in it. Am I the only one who hates driving in rain?).



  1. I'm always jealous when I read your posts - living in the midwest (Wisconsin), the grass is a little green, but that's about it. And yes! I hate driving in the rain! I have the world's worst windshield wipers. Ugh! But - I still have to worry about the snow. Have fun on spring break:)

  2. I don't mind driving in the rain, its the idiots who drive in the rain without their headlights on that drive me bonkers!

    have a great spring break!

  3. Ann, I'm sure everything will be green before you know it! And I just got new wipers a few months ago. Twenty of the best dollars I've ever spent!

    Katie, I'm with you about the headlights. In Ohio, it's a law to have them on while it's raining but no one seems to pay attention.