Monday, June 15, 2009


I've been a total and complete slacker where this blog is concerned. I have all kinds of excuses--some real, some fictional. All are excellent, but I'll spare you.

It's a foggy, damp morning here and as I look out the window all I can see are dozens of cobwebs on the grass, little puffs of webby white dotting the green landscape.

I never really stopped and thought about how many spiders and other assorted insects might live in the grass until this morning, and now I'm rather regretting it as I have a serious case of the heebie-jeebies and am doubting I'll ever sit on the lawn again.

It's almost worth a call to the local exterminator except for a) I can only shudder in horror at what exterminating nearly 1/2 an acre would cost, and b) I'm pretty sure spiders are good for the environment (as much as I hate to admit that), and I wouldn't want to be responsible for throwing our fragile ecosystem out of whack.

As long as the creepy crawlies stay outside, I guess I can deal with it--to a certain extent. Ants and aphids (shudder) are still on my hit list--I've been known to wield a can of Raid like a pro, and there's technique in not breathing in the aphid spray... No slacking there.

So much for that ecosystem, huh? I have no excuse for that...


PS: I went online looking for cobwebs in the grass that looked like my yard, but found none, so actually ventured outside to take some pics. As soon as I stepped out the door onto the front porch I was wrapped in cobwebs (ick, ick, ick!). I think it was spider Mardi Gras last night. Sheesh.


  1. There are an estimated 11,000 spiders per acre in the United States.

    You're doomed.

  2. 1. I see that Theo spreads his sunshine here too.
    2. If only Jay were still shooting a photo-a-day you would have been off the hook.

  3. Theo, you have too much time on your hands.

    Hi PG! Yeah, Theo gets around, doesn't he? And Jay would have done a much better job, but unfortunately, wasn't home.