Thursday, May 28, 2009

Food Fiction Contest

I'm passing this along from the wonderful Food Fiction duo of Jessica Conant-Park and Michele Scott. There's still time to enter (and fabulous prizes to be had, if I do say so myself)!

This month, Heather Webber is giving away a signed copy of Trouble in Spades and a signed ARC (advance reader copy) of Digging Up Trouble.

To enter: Send us an E-MAIL (foodfiction AT gmail DOT com) by June 1st with the subject line MAY CONTEST and tell us about your favorite salad/salad dressing. We want to hear what you like! Recipes are welcome!

As usual, the grand prize winner will be chosen at random, but Michele and Jess love a good salad and might dole out a few bonus prizes...(we both ran out of books to give as bonuses last month, but we'll get our hands on more copies soon!)

RULES: One entry per person and U.S. mailing addresses only, please. Please include your mailing address so we can send you your prize! You will be signed up for our guest authors' newsletter (if any) and the the Food Fiction newsletter, if not already. (You can always opt out!) By entering the contest, you give us permission to post your first name, last initial, and state if you are a winner. We may also post your recipe in our newsletter or the Food Fiction site (crediting you, of course!) if you are a winner.


  1. Hi Ms. Webber,
    I am a new fan of your Nina Quinn series. I am thoroughly enjoying the characters and storyline. I've purchased all the books and just finished them this weekend.
    I've been looking for the new release but haven't seen it on Amazon?? Please tell me we haven't heard the last of Nina Quinn!!!

  2. Hi Gayle, I'm so glad you found --and enjoyed-- the Nina Quinn books! Unfortunately Weeding out Trouble was the last in the Nina series. BUT (silver lining) I do have a new series starting in February. Lucy Valentine will be worth the wait! At least, I think so!