Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Is it me, or do you agree, that Taco Bell naming one of their menu items "volcanic" is a very bad idea?


  1. Taco Bell and bad idea is redundant and repetitive.

    But that being said, the thing that gets me is that on the commercial the sauce drips onto the rocks and the rocks sizzle. Leading one to believe that the rocks are hotter than the sauce.

    If the gist of the commercial is that the nachos are volcanic shouldn't the sauce melt the rock or something?

  2. PG, true about the bad part, though 20 years ago I didn't think so.

    Elizabeth, I just don't know. Talk about un-appetizing!

  3. They did? Wow, I haven't seen the commercial yet.

  4. Last time I ate Taco Bell? 1992. I am a temple.