Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Rant And A Rave Wednesday


Our new-ish (bought in March) Dell computer decided to die on Friday night. We're waiting for a part to see if it will be revived. Having a computer shouldn't be so frustrating.


Finally! Finally! After breaking 8 teeth in March, numerous dentist's visits, four crowns, three fillings and lots of pain, Humpty Dumpty (aka my oldest son) is put back together again. Now...the fight with the insurance company begins (I suppose that's a rant within a rave, isn't it?). We're just so happy to be done.

[Btw, LOL, had to Google "Humpty Dumpty" because it didn't look right. This happens more often than it should.]


  1. No rants or raves this morning (at least none that I can think of)

    You are so lucky because my computer died the day after my warranty expired.

  2. Hi Heather,
    Glad to hear the tooth odyssey
    is over for your son. That had
    to be painful!
    BTW, how goes the Dr. Pepper purge?


  3. Would it have killed you to post a picture of #1 son after the accident?

  4. Gayle, 22 days! I've been holding strong.

    Theo, he didn't look any different (except scar on chin from fall). All the broken teeth were in the back. Molars and such. You know, the expensive ones to fix. You're going to need to send more Christmas $$.

  5. Christmas is for children. #1 qualifies as an adult. Barely. He can sell my best wishes on Ebay on December 26th.