Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spotlight On...

Your Roots Are Showing by Elise Chidley.

Found this book at RWA (a Rita nominee) and was glad I did. It's sweet and charming and pulled me right in.

From Amazon:

Lizzie Buckley has a life many women dream of - a gorgeous husband, a beautiful home and darling (when they're not fighting) three-year-old twins. But ever since the birth of her children, she's had a fantasy about locking herself in her bedroom for twenty-four hours with a good book and a box of chocolates. Unfortunately, her husband James doesn't understand her feelings. And when Lizzie unburdens herself in a flaming email to her sister Janie, then hits send at the wrong moment and accidentally shoots it off to James instead, her fairytale life gets a big dose of reality. With the word "divorce" ringing in her ears, Lizzie finds herself moving out and embarking on a totally different life - working hard to reinvent herself as a runner, a gardener, and a writer of children's books. But despite transforming her body, her neglected career, and her libido (courtesy of the local landscape gardener), Lizzie can't get over her soon-to-be ex. As Lizzie discovers, sometimes the fairytale ending is just the beginning of the real story.


  1. Here in lies the danger of reading so many blogs....there are a lot of good books to be read and lots of people to recommend them.
    Someone suggested a book last week and by the time I was done buying, that particular post cost me $73.

    Wonder how much "Your roots" will cost by the time I hit proceed to checkout.

    But thank you very much...I do appreciate your recommendations and look forward to your posts.

  2. I look forward to these Spotlight posts too. I believe books jump into shopping carts in stores and online. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Another great one: Curing the Blues with a New Pair of Shoes by Dixie Cash. Mystery, romance, humor, and Elvis! But now I want to read the other books in the series!

  3. Elizabeth, I know what you mean! I have so many books I want to buy--am trying to control myself and read only what I have in my TBR pile. Not easy.

    Melissa, that book sounds great! Will have to put it on my wish list.