Friday, October 9, 2009

Cover of the Day

Deeply, Desperately: A Lucy Valentine Novel

First version.


  1. Love the cover. Makes you question who are they? What are they doing? What are they saying? And the color is good too, catches your eye quickly.

  2. ooh, I love this cover, especially the color combination which was the first thing I noticed. The cover was speaking to me as to say "buy me."

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I adore the colors on the covers of both books. (Pink and purple are my favorite colors)

  4. I love this! It's totally charming and I would definitely pick this up in a store (if I wasn't going to already, that is...!)

  5. Thanks, Canyonson! I'm reminded of the oldies song "Two Silhouettes on a Shade." Love the hint of mystery there--and of course the romance.

    Thanks, Dru! "Buy Me" is a great thing to hear!

    Melissa, I love the colors, too. So eye-catching. The pink is just a tad bright for me. But I'm hoping they'll soften in up a bit.

    Jessica, I'll take "Charming"! Thanks! And I'm hoping it will catch a few eyes that think the same way you do!