Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who Knew?

My kids are newly obsessed with Farmville on Facebook. I don't play, so I'm not sure why the obsession, but on any given day I hear things like this:

"I went to claim your lost cow but someone already did."

"I sent you three pigs."

"All my strawberries died because I forgot to water them."

"I'm making a ton of money on pineapples!"

"I have to be home at 5:30 to harvest my watermelons."

"I saved her farm from crazy raccoons."

Who knew? Who knew a simple game could give such entertainment and also provide a generalized lesson on farming to kids who've never so much had a veggie patch. As an outsider, it's been fun listening in. I mean, really? Crazy raccoons? That's like a page out of one of my books...


  1. I had no idea that FB had applications for kids!

    Not sure I'm ready for them to FB, though! My daughter does Webkinz, so that probably takes up enough online time.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Elizabeth, I don't think it's a game for little kids (I may be wrong). My "little ones" are teens. I see adults playing Farmville all the time on FB--it must be really addicting!

    And I love those Webkinz. So cute.

  3. I haven't succumb to Farmville yet. My friends keep begging me, but it is already enough that I joined Yoville so they can get points off me.

  4. #2 needs to spend a little less time playing pretend farmer, and a little more time hitting the books.

    The other two can do whatever they want.