Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flu Near You?

Everywhere I turn these days I hear about the flu. Doesn't matter which one--it's all people are talking about. With good reason, it seems. Hundreds of kids are sick at local schools. Doctors' offices are packed. Emergency rooms look like something out of a Michael Crichton novel with all the gloves and masks.

A good friend came down H1N1 last week and is still recovering. It started with allergy type symptoms--sniffles, cough and went straight into fever and stomach issues. She said it was like nothing she's ever had before.

News reports are saying it's not IF you get the flu, it's WHEN. Which makes me wonder about all these vaccines. Do they really work? Are they worth it? Or if you're strong and healthy, does it make more sense to just catch the darn flu and get it over with?

I'm not sure. I'm just thanking my lucky stars that no one in the house is sick, and I hope it stays that way! How about where you live? Is the flu all the talk there too?


  1. Actually, believe it or not, no. We've had one more flu shot clinic at the store more than we had last year, is all. No one seems to be talking about it at all. Don't know if it's the whole "ostrich syndrome" or what. No one I know has had it, or is sick, either. 'Course now, it *is* a small town... LOL.

  2. No, no one is mentioning the flu around here much. When the H1N1 first came out you saw people with masks, but now, not so much.

  3. H1N1 is man-made. First, they killed James Garfield, then Kennedy, then Tupac. The black pope controls us all!

  4. Of course, I woke up this morning with sinus pain. Am hoping it's JUST sinus pain. Maybe I jinxed myself????