Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Try To Do A Good Thing...

And not kill a helpless little creature and what happens? It escapes.

It all started this morning when my daughter scurried into my bedroom, her big blue eyes full of fright. There was an enormo spider skulking around her room as she was getting ready for school.

Groggy, I grabbed an empty tumbler, snuck up on said skulker and dropped the cup over him. Trapped! I decided to spare his life and take him outside once I woke up a bit.


When I went back for him, he was gone. Somehow he wiggled his way out from under the cup and made his escape. So now I have to go on a spider hunt or my daughter might never sleep in her room again.

And next time when I find him...



  1. you know he's going to scurry your way at the worst possible time.

    I hope you catch him.

  2. When you fall asleep, with your mouth open, the spider will drop in for a little visit.

  3. Unfortunately, he's still on the loose!