Monday, November 2, 2009


So there I was the other day with my husband talking (re: whining) about my various health issues at the moment when I said, "Sorry, you married a clunker."

To which he then made a joke about the cash for clunkers program.

So I had to gleefully reply he missed his chance with that deal!

Then he went and said something like, "Clunker or not, you're a keeper. I'd never trade you in."

Awww, right?

And it's conversations like those that give a glimpse into why we're celebrating our 19 year wedding anniversary today.

Happy Anniversary, honey.

Next year is the big 2-0. We've decided to try to do something BIG. Just don't know what yet. Anyone have any ideas?

~heather (aka, the clunker)


  1. Happy Anniversary Heather!

    How about a cruise?

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you have a very special relationship. Have a wonderful day.

  3. 19 years? That's nothing. Your husband's sappy remarks have made me vomit for 23 years!

  4. Thanks, Dru! A cruise would be a great idea if I wasn't afraid of big open water. Though I hear it's one of the better ways to see Alaska--something we want to do.

    Thanks, Melissa! We make it work. :) It helps to have a good sense of humor.