Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's Up, Doc?

Speaking of clunkers...

I have a doctor's appointment today. With a spine specialist. Doesn't that sound daunting? I think so, too! A few weeks ago a lumbar MRI showed I have another herniation in my lower back and something funky is going on with my discs. So, off to the specialist I go to see what's going on. I'm not proud--I'll take all good vibes, good luck, good wishes! I'm hoping he'll have good news. I like to be optimistic that way. :)

PS: That pic isn't of me!


  1. Here's wishing you good luck, good wishes, good vibes and the hope the doctor made a mistake (do sometimes) and picked up someone's results.

  2. Oooh, canyonson, I like your way of thinking. I'll go with that! And thanks for all the good vibes.

  3. Best of luck to you!!! My mom has scoliosis (curvature of the spine) very bad and I'm showing early signs of it so go to the chiropractor regularly. Kinda scary stuff.

  4. Hi Heather...

    Sending you good vibes and thoughts. Stay positive!!

    Lisa :-)

  5. Hi Heather,

    I'm sending good wishes, good luck and good vibes your say.

  6. Thank you Melissa, Lisa, and Dru. Well, it's not the worst news, but have to get a nerve block done. It's the first step in being "conservative". Don't want to have surgery, so I'm okay with that!

    Melissa, so glad you're being proactive. Back problems stink.

  7. Number one cause of back problems? Your children. Not children in general--your three specifically.