Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hustle and Bustle

I've been a busy Christmas elf this week, hustling and bustling. Spent most of Tuesday shopping for gifts, mostly things I needed this week to mail out, but some family gifts too. I have to admit I have about an hour in a mall before it sucks the life out of me, so I rush, rush, rush, frantically trying to buzz in and out of stores in record time. Not so easy when it seems everyone is of the same mind set.

One thing that is a bit alarming is how easy credit cards are to use these days. None of the stores I went into even looked at my card and the majority didn't even have me sign anything. Does this strike anyone but me as idiotic in this day of identity theft? Almost makes me want to go back to writing checks all the time, but the threat of mutiny from the people in line behind me is enough deterrent.

One of the things I love most about this time of year is giving back. Our church has a giving tree, where they hang paper ornaments printed with presents (ie, doll for ages 5-7) that will be given to those in need this Christmas. We always take two or three of these ornaments and it's always such a joy, no matter how crowded the stores are, to shop for these gifts. My critique group also bands together every year to give back to the community. This year we're supporting a local home for abused children. Their wish list is printed on their website and we shop and pool resources to buy as much as we can. And a few weeks ago, I was volunteering at the local animal shelter, where they also had a giving tree set up, and I couldn't help taking one of those ornaments too. I'm really just a big sap that way. I've been so blessed in my life that this is just such a small way to give back. It truly makes me happy.

So I've been shopping, wrapping, shipping. The snow is falling again this morning and it's currently 21*. Brrr. The duck family is doing great! They waddle up to my husband's parents' back door and quack until his parents feed them (a corn mix). They come three times a day, almost always at the same time (how do they know???). They're apparently living in an abandoned muskrat nest on the edge of the pond. So cute. I'm really hopeful that they're going to make it.

It's good to busy. And happy. And hopeful. Happy Thursday.



  1. Your attitude is ruining my holiday season.

  2. Great post. Reading it put a smile on my face and in my heart.

    Have a great Thursday.