Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I accidentally deleted a letter a reader sent to my website a few days ago. And unfortunately, I have my site set so my deleted folder gets, well, deleted when I log off, so the letter is gone forever. I have no return email, no nothing. But I do remember the gist of the letter and hope the writer checks this blog once in a while:

Now that I'm writing Lucy Valentine, what's going to happen with Nina Quinn?

The fifth book in the Nina Quinn series, Weeding out Trouble, was the finale. Lots of times in this industry, the decision to pull the plug on a series isn't the author's idea. I knew Avon was making cuts, so I decided not to submit more proposals and they didn't ask for them. Moving a series to another publisher is super difficult, and this wasn't really an option for me. I chose to move on to another series, another publisher. I do miss Nina Quinn and her band of merry troublemakers, but writing the Lucy books has been a silver lining...

And speaking of, there's a couple of reader discussions about Truly, Madly going on over at this week. There's a general discussion--don't read if you don't want spoilers--and also a thread on the supernatural element, and a thread of reviews, which don't give much away at all. And thankfully, most have been positive, which makes up for the few that have been really bad. If you're interested, follow this link. I'll be joining the conversation next week...

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