Friday, December 18, 2009

Picture of the Day


Photo credit: Mr. Webber

(click to enlarge)

Almost everyday (for months!) this little guy (girl?) is in this spot in our backyard. It's a bunny-sized divot just perfect to snuggle up in. When the bunny first started doing this, we thought a) he was dying (he sits there for hours) or b) maybe it's a she and there's a warren underneath her with babies in it. But upon further inspection, it's just a bare spot in the yard--no babies. Well, my speculation is that she has babies somewhere and escapes to this spot everyday to get away from them (needy little things that they are). It's always so cute to open the blinds in the morning and see the bunny out there, but honestly, we wish he/she would pick a different, safer, spot. There are so many hawks in this area! I'm such a worrier.


  1. I have a rabbit and she loves to sunbathe! There will be a stream of sunlight coming through the window and she'll just sit right in that spot! So cute!!

  2. Oh! A pet bunny. I'm kinda jealous. We think about it from time to time but the hamster is enough work!

  3. Yeah, rabbits are a lot more work than people would think!! We used to have 3 rabbits, but now we are down to 1. She is 10 years old and we've had her since the day she was born! :)