Monday, December 21, 2009

Who Needs Sleep?

Me! I do. Sign me up. I woke up at 2:15 am this morning, wide awake. Those who know me well know how unusual this is. I'm a sleeper. I need at least seven hours a night--or else. Which means those who know me well should hide later this afternoon.

I spent the first hour of being awake trying to convince myself I could fall back to sleep if I just tried harder (does counting sheep ever really work?). I spent the second hour wondering if I should just get up and work or read or something. But really, under the covers it was warm and toasty, whereas the rest of the house was not. The covers won.

But finally I couldn't take it anymore and dragged myself out of bed. So here I am, checking email and Facebook and writing blogs at five in the morning (this is just so wrong). I'm hoping I'll exhaust myself, so I can go back to bed for a while since the kids are now on vacation, and I don't have anywhere I need to be until 4 pm (I love vacation).

Though I have to admit there's something nice about being up so early. I keep thinking there's so much I can get done. I can write, and workout, and clean and...then I start thinking about those covers.

Hmm. Wonder which will win out...


  1. I wish I had your problems. If I'm wide awake that early in the morning, I have to get up. No matter how hard I try, I can't get back to sleep.

    I hope you were able to get back to sleep and maybe you can take a nap during the day. I love naps.

    Have a good Monday.

  2. I'm like Dru...I'm a major insomniac, actually. I was up half the night last night. Bleh.

    Which won out?

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Thankfully I haven't had this happen in a while. I would definitely be back under those covers!!! LOL!

  4. Insomnia? Ack! Do you nap, too, Elizabeth?

    I didn't go back to bed this morning--got lots done instead, despite the siren call of the covers (so tempting). But I have a feeling in a couple of hours, I'm going to be a crankypuss. Will try to fight it.

  5. I can't count sheep. It makes me think about my knitting projects. And then I have to get up and knit. Or knit in bed, that way I can still enjoy those covers.

    Any way of taking a nap when the crankiness hits?